Nordman Fir

Abies nordmanniana

Our best-selling trees are Nordman Fir. They are a non-drop variety, with brilliant needle retention, making them ideal for in your home. They have a deep green colour and rounded, plump needles which makes this a stunning variety. 

Nordman Fir's originate from the Caucasus mountains in Georgia. 

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Norway Spruce

Picea abies

The traditional Norway Spruce tree is a highly scented tree. Displaying mid-green thin needles, it creates a beautifully shaped tree. As it does drop its needles it is best collected closer to Christmas if you want to display it indoors. We also recommend this variety as an outside trees too. Every year a Norway Spruce tree is displayed in Trafalgar Square!

Norway Spruce originate from Northern and Central Europe. 

Pot Grown Trees

Pot Grown Christmas Trees 3-6ft approx.

Our pot grown christms trees are available in two varieties: Fraser Fir and Nordman Fir. 

These pot grown Christmas trees are still alive making them ideal for planting in a larger pot or the garden. Depending on the care they receive they can surive for several years!

Fraser Fir Pot Grown

Abies Fraseri

Originally from North America, Fraser Fir trees are a superb choice. With a stunning citrus scent and dense foliage, these beautiful trees also boast brilliant needle retention too. 

Mini Blue Spruce Potted  

Picea pungens

The Blue Spruce has an eye-catching bluey-green

colouring to its foliage, making it a wonderful

focal point at Christmas. With strong needle

retention the Blue Spruce are quickly becoming a

firm favourite.