Tree Care

Looking after your Christmas Tree

Caring for your Christmas tree will reduce the needle drop and have it looking better for much longer. Here are our hints and tips on how to care for your Christmas tree:



  • Christmas trees do not like being near direct heat such as a radiator or fire. Find a location where the tree can be placed at a cool, steady temperature. No tree is ever 100% non-drop, but keeping the tree away from heat will help it to retain its needles. 


  • The tree will need to stand in a steady base that has a water reservoir. The bigger the tree the stronger and wider the base will need to be. Tree stands are available from a wide range of local retailers. 


  • Real Christmas trees are very thirsty! Make sure you check and refill the water every day. 


  • If possible, it can be useful to acclimatise your Christmas tree before bringing it in the warm house to decorate. Leave the tree in a cool, dry location such as an outhouse or garage until you are ready to bring it inside. 


  • It can also be beneficial to leave your tree in a bucket of water for a few hours prior to bringing it in the house too.

Pot Grown Christmas Trees

Pot grown Christmas trees, unlike a cut Christmas tree, are still alive. With the correct care they can survive for several years. Their chance of surival will depending on the care that they receive. 

Why buy a real Christmas Tree?

There are so many benefits to buying a real, fresh Christmas tree.

Coming and picking your Christmas tree on a winter’s day, in the rolling Cumbrian hills, creates the most wonderful Christmas memories. For many of our customers it is quickly becoming a family tradition! There is nothing that can replace that Christmassy smell and look of having a real tree in your house as you celebrate Christmas with your family.   

Real Christmas trees are far better for the environment than artificial ones. Each year we plant hundreds of new Christmas tree samplings. It takes the trees between 5 and 7 years to grow to full size. In those years the Christmas trees absorbs the carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the environment. This helps to clean the air and slow climate change. A real Christmas tree has a much lower carbon footprint than an artificial one. An artificial one is often produced in China, made from plastics and synthetics, and has to be imported to this country.

Even shop bought real Christmas trees can have a high carbon footprint, as they have often been transported across the country before arriving in the shops. They have to be cut down weeks in advanced which reduces the quality too.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Perfect Christmas Trees to come and experience the magic of picking out your fresh, high quality, real Christmas tree this Christmas.